On Location

At home, on the beach, wherever life takes you

Family of four holding hands underneath the mighty oak tree

Lichgate gardens provides an amazing backdrop year-round. Through all seasons, the mighty oak tree, the cottage, the spiral maze, and the lichgate all provide fantastic moods and visual elements to photos taken there.

Mom holds one daughter while dad holds the other
A family faces away from the camera while holding hands
Husband holds his pregnant wife’s belly
Two sisters in the morning sunlight
A family portrait in the spiral maze at Lichgate
Mom is pregnant with her third child
Large family photo showing different generations from grandparent to baby

Several generations of a family are shown in this picture. This photo fits right in with the other framed photos hanging in the hallway, which show earlier generations of the same family throughout the decades. Let your family photos last a lifetime.

Smiling baby sits on his grandmother’s lap
Black and white portrait of a family of four

Picture taking at your home sets a warm, comforting feel about the photos.

Portrait of a young couple holding their baby boy
B&W portrait of a mom holding her baby
Baby stretches his arms out like a champ
Mom sits on front porch with baby on her lap
Family of five in their front yard
Sisters give each other a hug
Sisters smile at each other
Mom and dad hold their baby while kissing him on the forehead
Family on front porch, kids on parents laps
Little girl in foreground, parents and sibling in background
Mom holds her baby in angelic light
Portrait of a mother and her child
Mom and baby in foreground, dad and toddler in background
Mom and dad standing, each holding one of their daughters
Parents hold their newborn baby girl
Little girl sitting on her dad’s shoulders; smiling family
Dad holds his baby daughter’s tiny hand
Family photo at the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee; Ferris Wheel in the background
Mother and son riding the Ferris Wheel
Son snuggles up to his mother while on a ride at the fair
The North Florida Fair in Tallahassee, seen atop the Ferris Wheel
Mother looks at daughter who is looking at her brother
Colorful, blurry lights set the background to this portrait of a girl at the fair
Daughter and son take a spin on a kids’ ride
Ticket booth and colorful patterns on the giant wheel