Life, the Neighborhood, and Everything

Box of Wheat Thins in hand, time to finally post the most recent wedding to the site. I think I’ll go easy on myself for the delay, we did just move into our new house – our first! This pretty much completes the grown up To Do list for a while:
  • graduate college – check
  • get married – check
  • have a baby – check
  • buy a house – check
  • file taxes at least 1 month ahead of time – check
All before I turned 26, too! Now I can relax for a spell. Details: the house was built in the 1940s and had only one owner before u; all the neighbors we’ve met so far on our dog walks are friendly as can be; one couple, the Smiths, have lived in their current house for 50 years – zow!; our next door neighbor gardens every day; our neighbor across the street has a neighborhood garden; and we’re attempting to grow the majority of our produce in our own yard. It’s nestled on a great street near Midtown in Tallahassee, one of the best places to work and live in town. To see more about the house and garden, the other half of Shutter Pop Photo, Ashley, writes her own journal documenting life (and most recently, the new house) at Goodwillionaire. I had a little time last night which I used to keep reading a great book by one of my favorite photographers, Joe McNally, titled, “The Hot Shoe Diaries.” Joe’s writing, humor, and humble attitude compliment his stunning photos and make the pictures that much more fun to ogle. The whole book is quotable but here’s a brilliant quote I came across while reading yesterday:
“In an era of pictures-by-the-pound, fast-food photography – royalty free, rights free – it just might pay to step back and try to make your pictures the equivalent of a mom-and-pop shop, the old curio store, or the place where the locals really eat.”
Beautiful! Nostalgic. True. This coming weekend holds the first ever Abandoned Fields Adventure Race which looks to become an annual shindig. Very excited to be one of the photographers for the event, it should be a ton o’ fun. The race goes from 9am – 1pm and the after party in Midtown starts at 6pm, photos to soon follow. Just recently shot some engagement photos for a soon-to-be-graduating couple attending Florida State. McCord Park is a low-traffic gem right off Thomasville Road and I had only been there for the first time the week before when I threw a surprise party for Ashley’s birthday. I found the park after scouting for possible photo shoot locations. It has greenways, pine trees, oak trees, a pond, perfect spots where the sun shines through the trees. In other words: a photographer’s heaven. Lauren, Kevin, and I had a blast getting our shots. We’re actually going to make it a two-part photo shoot with the second act happening downtown on College Avenue at sunset where I will try the Brenizer Method once again, hopefully with better, easier results than last time. Look forward to upcoming posts about photo editing, delivery of photos to clients, and one of my favorite Photoshop features – the Gradient Map!

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