Featured Profiles!

Get pumped, y’all! Soon making the scene on the Shutter Pop Photo Journal will be the (cue voice echo) Featured Profile of the Week! These will be short write-ups with accompanying profile photos for small businesses, artists, or people of interest located in Tallahassee and surrounding areas, such as Havana, Quincy, Thomasville and elsewhere. The simple idea is to highlight people and businesses in the Big Bend and to bring a weekly touch of community to this blog. (end voice echo) Just know in the future when you see the logo below accompanying a new post on this Journal, one correct response is to give a hoot and a holler, especially if you’re in a place of work (cubicles are good). Featured Profile of the Week Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery The way I see the anticipation building for this weekly feature is similar to the anticipation Lucy & Leo’s Cupcakery has put into my Wednesdays. Each week ’round lunchtime, I mosey on in to the Midtown sweets dealer to rustle up a cupcake or five. Y’see, Wednesday happens to be the day they selected to bake one vegan flavor of cupcake. Over the past two years I’ve only missed a handful of weeks not enjoying their goods. Sad days, those missed Wednesdays. Sad days. Back on track – right now we’re seeking out businesses, artists, humanitarians, or the like who would like to get their picture taken and be featured right here in this journal. No strings attached, you just have to smile for the camera. Please write for additional information or comment below and let us know if you’re interested in being featured.

Special note: the dialect in this post may have been influenced by [insert title of John Wayne western here].

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