FSU Graduation Pics at Westcott and Head Shots

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A friend, to whom I owed a photo shoot for some acting she did in a short film of mine, informed me of her upcoming move to California. We never wound up finishing the short film, which was made for Tallahassee Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Competition, but she did put in long hours and hard work and I wanted to compensate her for the help. We met up to take some iconic photos of her with her gown and mortarboard in front of Ruby Diamond and next to the Westcott fountain at FSU. Being Florida in the summertime, a storm was a’ brewin’ and the lightning started cracking closer and closer to us. I think my insistence on getting our shot in made Amanda a bit wary.

Amanda at FSU's Westcott Fountain for a graduation photo

We got a good number of poses down and a moment or so later and we were outta there. One of the newer parking garages on campus had an intriguing stairwell I had been wanting to shoot in. It provided a grungy background which worked for some shots with attitude, but also worked for the head shots toward the end of the shoot.

Amanda stairwell setup Amanda stairwell serious Amanda head shotAmanda head shot

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