Backyard Wedding in Melbourne, FL

On the east coast of Florida you’re bound for gorgeous weather most of the year, even in the winter. Lizzie and Ryan got married in December in the backyard of a house settled on an inlet. Skies were clear, temperature was nestled sweetly in the mid-70s, fish were leaping out of the water in the middle of the ceremony (no joke and, unfortunately, no photo evidence).

Backyard details, homemade streamer curtain Back patio in the afternoon sunlight

See? Gorgeous! What’d I tell ya? The atmosphere was as chill as the photos look. A small group of friends and family were in attendance and were painted in the sunlight as it trickled through the oak trees. See all the photos from this backyard wedding ceremony.

Wide angle view of the backyard Son of the bride Couple sharing a moment Newlyweds kiss by the water

Everyone headed over the Melbourne Causeway to City Tropics Bistro in Indialantic for dinner. The room that was reserved continued the intimate atmosphere of the ceremony perfectly.

City Tropics Bistro reserved room Couple reading notes written to them from family and friends Bride and groom first dance

Lizzie & Ryan’s full backyard wedding gallery

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