Mission San Luis Wedding

Just off the edge of the FSU campus and near the residences of many college students lies a Tallahassee treasure. It is one I had passed by many, many times without ever visiting. That is, until I wanted to scout the grounds in search of some awesome locations for pictures at the wedding I was to shoot the following weekend. Elizabeth and Tai were set to get married at the Mission toward the end of July and it gave me a good excuse to visit before all the rushing around during the wedding day.

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A portrait of the bride and groom inside one of the hallways at Mission San Luis

As with every wedding, there are so many people involved in the background who make it go smoothly. Mimi, the even coordinator at Mission San Luis, was fantastic. Joshua from Amplify Entertainment rocked the DJ/MC duties.

The groom prepares for the wedding by putting on his tie Portrait of the ring bearer before the wedding The bride’s bouquet Portrait of the bride before the wedding at Mission San Luis Groomsmen helping ring bearer get dressed The bride’s mother A friend and family member embrace while the bride prepares The bride and her mother share a moment before the ceremony Father of the bride with his little girl, waiting to walk her down the aisle The wedding ceremony Bride smiling at her soon-to-be husband during the ceremony Placing the ring on his bride’s finger A big kiss Exiting the ceremony Huge group photo outside at MSL The groom being suave with the bridesmaids

Hide the bride.

Bride hiding behind bouquet Groom holds fingers behind his son’s head Bride, groom, and groom’s son The bride and her bridesmaids make goofy faces

One of Florida’s famous summer storms rolled in right as we were wrapping up the family photos, allowing just enough time to zip over to the church, via golf cart, and get in a few shots before returning to the event hall for cocktail hour.

After the formal photos finished, the bride and groom rode in a golf cart to the church

Behold, the church!

The inside of the church at Mission San Luis Wide angle view of the Mission San Luis Mission Room Banquet Hall Happy, happy, happy — the married couple smiles big at the beginning of the reception Bride and groom’s foreheads touch as they dance their first dance together The bride and her father exchange a moment in the father daughter dance Wide angle portrait of the wedding cake at the reception Cake smeared on the groom’s face Bride wipes off the cake she smeared on her husband’s face Reception dancing Guests on the dancefloor The married couple stands atop the balcony at Mission San Luis Groom in a hero pose flings the garter off a balcony to the single male guests below Portrait of the bride and groom as the reception winds down The bride and groom looking serious while posing for a portrait Glowsticks create light trails for a nighttime photo

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