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Phoenix & David • Wedding at Lichgate in Tallahassee

Driving down High Road in Tallahassee you’d never expect to see a place as magical and full of wonderment as Lichgate. A grandfather oak takes center stage as soon as you get through the woodsy clearing and instantly you’re transported out of the small Tally town and into the world of Lichgate. Thinking about how many people have seen that tree and the history it holds is a constant thought while on the grounds. And that is one reason why it was such a special place for Phoenix and David to get married. They gathered their friends and family under the shade and magnificence of the oak for a ceremony of true love.

See more of the wedding at the Lichgate grounds.

Reception table details, jar of honey, flowers and vases, Lichgate oak tree Lichgate cottage house in the afternoon Wide angle view of the oak tree during the ceremony Smiles and cheers as the bride and groom exit the ceremony Hugs to guests after the ceremony, beaming from the celebration Everyone partying on the dance floor Bride and groom breaking it down on the dance floor Cake cutting, bride and groom embracing Long exposure shot with light streaks and trails, the bride and groom posing

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    Lindsey & Adam’s Vintage Engagement Photos

    The love between this couple is so apparent through their loving gazes and the joy shines through Lindsey’s infectious smile. They were a blast to hang around and Adam’s humor has us all frequently in stitches. Their wedding day is on November 11th to honor the veterans who fought to protect the US and also to honor the loved ones in their families who have passed on. To celebrate and accent their new lives together and recall the past, they are having a vintage/DIY wedding and wanted a vintage/DIY engagement shoot to accompany. I was happy to oblige.

    We met out in the late afternoon at St. Marks near the lighthouse for a beautiful sunset shoot. Then, on another day, we completed the engagement shoot at the Tallahassee train station with Lindsey and Adam dressed in their vintage finest, lookin’ pretty sweet.

    Lindsey and Adam enjoy a beautiful late afternoon picnic near the St. Marks Lighthouse on the Florida Gulf Coast Lindsey and Adam enjoy a beautiful late afternoon picnic near the St. Marks Lighthouse on the Florida Gulf Coast

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      Fun Photo Moments • Double Pictures & Unposed Formals

      Two types of photos not staged but that I love getting are pictures of people taking pictures and shared moments between newlyweds during formals when everyone else has taken a break from posing.

      Lovers' glance during family pictures at Goodwood Museum & Gardens

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