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Set aside your creature comforts. Leave your apprehensions at the door. It’s time to break out your map and compass, ’cause this ain’t your mama’s three-hour-tour – let’s go remote!

The Remote Footprints team hikes through the woods

Project Remote is one facet of the nonprofit organization called Remote Footprints. A personal project started in 2009, Project Remote is the trekking and documenting journey of each of the United State’s most remote spot. The project is headed up by the Means family: Ryan, Rebecca, and Skyla, who are able to travel and report on these remote spots as free time allows; so far they have visited just over half of the 50 states. They define their remote destinations as the point within a state that is the farthest straight-line distance from a road. With their endeavors, they hope to bring awareness to the expansive asphalt arteries that make up the road network in this country. At the same time, they want to encourage other families to get outside with their kids and enjoy nature’s roadless wilderness. “This latter purpose guides our activities on a local level. In our area we offer various classes and events to help parents get outside and learn about the natural world experientially.”

The Remote Footprints team hikes through the woods

Location sought, food packed, car gassed-up, it’s time to head out. “We go as far as a car will take us, then we get out and walk.” In a pack weighing in at over 70lbs and containing a tent, food, and other supplies, Ryan shoulders the resources for the whole Means family, while Rebecca is tasked with carrying a load on her back that’s nearly as heavy – Skyla! “The heavy pack weights make for difficult backpacking, both mentally and physically.” Upon arrival to the remote location, the Means take 360° video and photos to document the condition of the location and they also spend 15 minutes recording any human sounds or sights.

Rebecca and Skyla go over their Remote journal
Ryan Means taking a panoramic photo and using GPS at the remote site

For each of the family members, this project has meant something different. Ryan’s fondest memory so far was gorgeous scenery at the approach to the New Mexico remote spot where “we walked through a beautiful ponderosa pine grassland.” Rebecca’s fondest memory has been “watching Skyla grow into an awesome outdoors girl who can handle rain, frost, dangerous situations, and just about anything.” And Skyla, well … she says her fondest memory was “eating the beans and rice backpacker meal.” When she’s older, she will look back on these adventures and the time spent with her mom and dad with so much love and admiration.

Follow the Means on their journey by reading their expedition journal entries and keeping up to date with Facebook posts. The Remote Footprints website and the Project Remote website contain much more information detailing their intentions, beliefs, and goals.

“We are not encouraging people to visit a particular spot but to seek remoteness in general, and to celebrate and preserve the public lands that often times contain the remotest location in a state.”

Means family portrait at night

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    FSU Graduation Pics at Westcott and Head Shots

    View more recent graduation photos from FSU.

    A friend, to whom I owed a photo shoot for some acting she did in a short film of mine, informed me of her upcoming move to California. We never wound up finishing the short film, which was made for Tallahassee Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Competition, but she did put in long hours and hard work and I wanted to compensate her for the help. We met up to take some iconic photos of her with her gown and mortarboard in front of Ruby Diamond and next to the Westcott fountain at FSU. Being Florida in the summertime, a storm was a’ brewin’ and the lightning started cracking closer and closer to us. I think my insistence on getting our shot in made Amanda a bit wary.

    Amanda at FSU's Westcott Fountain for a graduation photo » Continue reading “FSU Graduation Pics at Westcott and Head Shots”

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      Life, the Neighborhood, and Everything

      Box of Wheat Thins in hand, time to finally post the most recent wedding to the site. I think I’ll go easy on myself for the delay, we did just move into our new house – our first! This pretty much completes the grown up To Do list for a while:
      • graduate college – check
      • get married – check
      • have a baby – check
      • buy a house – check
      • file taxes at least 1 month ahead of time – check
      » Continue reading “Life, the Neighborhood, and Everything”

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        To All My Dear Friends

        A friend from high school contacted me to shoot a music video for a song from his group’s upcoming album release. The group is To All My Dear Friends and it’s made up of Marc Hennessey and Greg Stull. We went back and forth about where to shoot the video and ultimately settled on a great, little church Gainesville, Florida. INsite Gainesville recently published a behind the scenes look at the band. The music video shoot went smoothly, I’ll make another post once it’s uploaded, and after that we headed outside the city limits for a photo shoot. Check it out!

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          Maternity Photos on the Gulf Coast

          We headed down to St. Marks Wildlife Refuge a few weekends ago with a pregnant friend of ours for some maternity photos on the Gulf. It’s about a 30-40 minute drive from Tallahassee but as soon as you’re inside the gate and driving toward the lighthouse, you can’t hear any traffic – it’s blissful. From the welcome center to the lighthouse is about 8 miles and we always take it slow to stop and see the alligators, bald eagles, or occasional bobcat. The wildlife is fantastic and there generally aren’t too many people there, it’s a great getaway for an afternoon.

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            Wright Blocks

            I’ve been fascinated with Frank Lloyd Wright since high school, his architecture is beautiful and stunning and always brings about a very homely and comfortable feeling when viewing his houses and buildings. John Lloyd Wright, Frank’s son, was the inventor of Lincoln Logs, but unfortunately sold the patent for the wood toy to Playskool for a measly $800 and made no profits from the sale of the toy. In an effort to create another toy that would get widespread attention, he patented Wright Blocks. From John Lloyd Wright: The War Years, on » Continue reading “Wright Blocks”

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