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Photoshop Actions, Where Have I Been?

Why, oh why have I never been daring enough to open the Actions tab within Photoshop? Is it because its foundation is based on sets of rules instead of an instant visual reaction (ie filters, blurs, etc)? Whatever the case, Adobe’s Photoshop Actions aren’t new. In fact, they were introduced way back in version 4 (the latest release is version 12: CS5). Late at night when I can no longer hear traffic outside my house, the Actions tab whispers to me, “Make your life easy, open me up, have a look-see. I can save you loads of precious time.” It’s a trap, I think. “If you open that tab, you’ll get sucked into trying to figure out what’s going on and your wife will find you curled up in a ball crying the next morning.” » Continue reading “Photoshop Actions, Where Have I Been?”

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