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Featured Profile • The Birth Cottage in Tallahassee

Shutter Pop Photo - Featured Profile

7:00 pm on a Saturday. It’s graduation day for both Ashley and me but we’re not walking across the stage and accepting our diploma; we’re at our house experiencing the birth of our daughter! We had planned to be at The Birth Cottage for all the excitement but once the contractions started and mama says she doesn’t want to leave the house, well, you just aren’t going anywhere!

Layla & Alice of The Birth Cottage in Tallahassee Layla and Alice individual shots

Nestled in the heart of Midtown Tallahassee lies the cozy, intimate cottage where Alice and Layla, a mother-daughter team, have helped hundreds and hundreds of mothers bring their babies into the world. Back to that rainy graduation Saturday – Layla and Alina came to our house in the morning and were there until the evening, coaching Ashley, keeping her calm, and maintaining a positive atmosphere. And then Juni was born, nay, made her dramatic entrance into our lives. Proof…

Layla & Ashley a few days after Juni was born

Of course, the welcoming rooms they have at the Cottage are dressed up just like bedrooms to make you feel at home and ready to greet your child, we just never quite made it there the day Juni was born. I can’t say enough about the ladies that run this place – they were awesome through Ashley’s pregnancy and are overjoyed every time they get to see Juni now; they truly love helping mothers and babies and it’s very apparent.

One of The Birth Cottage birthing rooms and outdoor sculpture Layla & Alice of The Birth Cottage in Tallahassee

PS The annual Birth Cottage celebrations at Silver Lake are always a blast to attend.


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    Lindsey & Adam’s Vintage Engagement Photos

    The love between this couple is so apparent through their loving gazes and the joy shines through Lindsey’s infectious smile. They were a blast to hang around and Adam’s humor has us all frequently in stitches. Their wedding day is on November 11th to honor the veterans who fought to protect the US and also to honor the loved ones in their families who have passed on. To celebrate and accent their new lives together and recall the past, they are having a vintage/DIY wedding and wanted a vintage/DIY engagement shoot to accompany. I was happy to oblige.

    We met out in the late afternoon at St. Marks near the lighthouse for a beautiful sunset shoot. Then, on another day, we completed the engagement shoot at the Tallahassee train station with Lindsey and Adam dressed in their vintage finest, lookin’ pretty sweet.

    Lindsey and Adam enjoy a beautiful late afternoon picnic near the St. Marks Lighthouse on the Florida Gulf Coast Lindsey and Adam enjoy a beautiful late afternoon picnic near the St. Marks Lighthouse on the Florida Gulf Coast

    View the full vintage engagement photo gallery »

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      FSU Graduation Pics at Westcott and Head Shots

      View more recent graduation photos from FSU.

      A friend, to whom I owed a photo shoot for some acting she did in a short film of mine, informed me of her upcoming move to California. We never wound up finishing the short film, which was made for Tallahassee Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Competition, but she did put in long hours and hard work and I wanted to compensate her for the help. We met up to take some iconic photos of her with her gown and mortarboard in front of Ruby Diamond and next to the Westcott fountain at FSU. Being Florida in the summertime, a storm was a’ brewin’ and the lightning started cracking closer and closer to us. I think my insistence on getting our shot in made Amanda a bit wary.

      Amanda at FSU's Westcott Fountain for a graduation photo » Continue reading “FSU Graduation Pics at Westcott and Head Shots”

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        Featured Profile • Pet Sitting by Craig Jackson

        Featured Profile

        Aloha! Step aboard for the maiden voyage of the Featured Profile series. At the plate today is a man who’s been at the pet sitting game in Tallahassee for over 17 years. When first meeting Craig Jackson, he will greet you with a warm smile and instill in you the calm and confidence needed when leaving your pets behind whilst taking that long needed cruise or visit to the in-laws.

        Pet Sitting in Tallahassee by Craig Jackson » Continue reading “Featured Profile • Pet Sitting by Craig Jackson”

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          Featured Profiles!

          Get pumped, y’all! Soon making the scene on the Shutter Pop Photo Journal will be the (cue voice echo) Featured Profile of the Week! These will be short write-ups with accompanying profile photos for small businesses, artists, or people of interest located in Tallahassee and surrounding areas, such as Havana, Quincy, Thomasville and elsewhere. The simple idea is to highlight people and businesses in the Big Bend and to bring a weekly touch of community to this blog. (end voice echo) Just know in the future when you see the logo below accompanying a new post on this Journal, one correct response is to give a hoot and a holler, especially if you’re in a place of work (cubicles are good). Featured Profile of the Week » Continue reading “Featured Profiles!”

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