Gretchen & Justin • Engagement Photos

Gretchen & Justin’s Tallahassee Wedding Photos

Scooted through a Latin festival near the Brogan Museum, waited a number of times to get that shot in the Kleman Plaza parking lot elevators, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and scenery of downtown Tallahassee. All-in-all, we had a pretty sweet evening of engagement photos. And much to the happiness of Justin the Gators pulled through for a win over Tennessee.

Kissing and gazing at each other in the front of Trinity United Methodist Church downtown Looking up in the spiral parking lot at Kleman Plaza Kissing as the elevator doors open in Kleman Plaza Holding each other and kissing on the backside of the new Capitol building Full body portrait shots Kiss on the forehead on the back steps of the Capitol Couple embracing; beauty shots of downtown Tallahassee Bride-to-be gazing into the camera, holding her man Using Scrabble letters and an engagement ring to spell out “I Love You”; posing in downtown; pictures on the porch of the old Capitol building. Standing in front of Monroe Street holding hands. A long exposure produces light streaks from the cars driving in the background.