June & Paul • Engagement Photos

Upon meeting June and Paul it was evident they have a lot of history in this city. They both work in city department related jobs and know a lot of folks who work the background of this great town and make plans for development and preservation. On our shoot, I mentioned how I thought it was great that FSU kept with the brick theme throughout the years of construction. Oh, June and Paul know the guy responsible for that. They know this fellow and this lady; their history in Tallahassee runs deep and it was a lot of fun to hear the myriad of stories and facts they’ve built up through their time here. I got treated to two locations of special note (at which we of course took some photos): the Dick Howser baseball stadium was where June and Paul went on their first date nearly 8 years ago. It was my first time at the stadium and lucky for all of us it was totally open – including access to the field! Sweet. The other place we went was under a mighty oak next to Doak Campbell Stadium where Paul tailgates for every homegame of the FSU Seminoles. I love getting to work some history and personal meaning into the photos of these couples.

Sitting alone in the bleachers at Dick Howser Stadium Standing on the baseball field at Dick Howser Stadium Posing beneath the oak tree where Paul tailgates for every FSU Seminoles football game Sitting on the steps which lead up to Ruby Diamond Auditorium on the FSU campus Three different poses in front of Ruby Diamond Posing in front of the Westcott Fountain with Ruby Diamond in the background Couple enjoying themselves in the late afternoon On top of a parking garage overlooking the campus with the Doak Campbell football stadium in the background Sunset silhouettes and vignettes Black and white sunset vignette