Lizzie & Ryan

Backyard Wedding — Melbourne, FL

Smoochin’ at sunset; the happy couple lock lips

Wanting more of a down home vibe, Lizzie asked if I could do very few wedding-y photos and more candid style photos to capture the mood she was going for. With a gorgeous setting like they had at their ceremony, I was happy to oblige! Skies were clear, temperature was nestled sweetly in the mid-70s, fish were leaping out of the water in the middle of the ceremony (no joke and, unfortunately, no photo evidence). A small group of friends & family gathered in attendance and were painted in sunlight as it trickled through the oak trees.

Groom having his boutineer put on by a friend
Photo of the groom’s son
Hanging decorations from an oak tree in the backyard
The remains of an old dock on the east Florida inlet
Moving about before the ceremony
Plastic champagne cups sit on a table
A back porch overlooking the backyard and water
Guests hug before the ceremony begins
Sister of the groom, holding her daughter
Parents of the bride hold hands
Wide shot of the backyard wedding scene on a late Florida afternoon
Son of the bride mugs for a photo at the top of the stairs
Popping the cork before the ceremony
Friends and family congregating
Looking down on the guests of the wedding
Grandpa talks to his two grandsons
Son of the bride is ready to begin
Brother of the groom, showing his son something funny on a phone
Guests are seated and ready for the celebration of love to start
Proud father walks his daughter down the aisle
Arm in arm, dad and daughter head to the ceremony
The groom awaits his lovely bride
Taking video of the ceremony on a compact video camera
Gifts for the two sons — pocket watches

The two sons from both sides are given pocket watches as a token of the marriage and their brotherhood.

Bride and groom holding hands at the ceremony
Getting ready to be pronounced husband and wife
Eyes closed, first kiss as a married couple
The happy couple enjoying a moment together after the ceremony
The boys are looking a bit tough with their new pocket watches
Lizzie & Ryan’s unposed formal

Taken just a moment after everyone was smiling for the camera; candid love.

Everyone headed over the Melbourne Causeway to City Tropics Bistro in Indialantic for dinner. The room that was reserved continued the intimate atmosphere of the ceremony perfectly.

Inside the City Tropics Bistro event room
Lantern details of the event room
Bride and groom read notes their guests wrote about them
Foreheads touching, sharing a quiet moment after a busy afternoon
Father of the bride giving a toast
Sister of the groom saying a few words
A close up of the couple’s wedding rings
Slow dancing, smiling
Husband and wife share a look during their slow dance
Together forever, hand in hand