Phoenix & David

Happy couple leaving the ceremony after getting married

Driving down High Road in Tallahassee you’d never expect to see a place as magical and full of wonderment as Lichgate Gardens. A grandfather oak takes center stage as soon as you get through the woodsy clearing and instantly you’re transported out of the small Tally town and into the world of Lichgate. Thinking about how many people have seen that tree and the history it holds is a constant thought while on the grounds. And that is one reason why it was such a special place for Phoenix and David to get married. They gathered their friends and family under the shade and magnificence of the oak for a ceremony of true love.

Cottage house at Lichgate
Bridal portrait, turned to the side
Bride looking at camera
Lichgate’s mighty oak sits dead center of the grounds, begging for you to walk beneath its branches
Love as sweet as honey — little jars of honey for guests to take home
Flowers sit in mason jars on each of the tables
Details of the table decorations
Close up of the flower centerpiece from the reception tables
Decorative table setting for the reception
The bride’s dress lays on a bench
Details of the wedding dress
Wedding dress hangs up inside the Lichgate cottage
Bride has her hair done by a friend
The wedding cake decorated with a nature theme: tree trunk, owls, flowers, butterflies
Wedding guests socializing before taking their seats
Hugs to the groom before he begins his journey
Three boys sitting around, waiting for the ceremony to begin
A close up of the wedding rings
The groom waits at the heart of roses for his bride
Son of the bride as the ring bearer
Daughter of the groom as the flower girl
Big smiles as the bride begins to walk down the aisle
Bride holding her father’s hand as she walks down the aisle
The happy couple is ready to get hitched
The wedding ceremony under the oak at Lichgate
A view of the ceremony through oak branches
Bride puts the ring on her husband
Ring in hand, groom is ready to put it on his wife
The kids join hands with their parents during the ceremony
Cheers! Bride and groom toast each other with chalises
The bride gets a good laugh during the ceremony
Standing under the great oak tree, saying their vows
A big kiss in front of their closest friends and family
Bride and groom put their foreheads together after the ceremony is over
Bride and her son, the groom and his daughter
Huge group photo after the wedding ceremony
Photo-ception: picture of people taking pictures
Guests of the wedding chatting together after the ceremony is over
The bride hugs a friend during cocktail hour
David hugging a friend before the reception
Lichgate’s mighty oak and the reception tents
The covered, outdoor reception tents
Phoenix listening to people say nice things
Man giving a speech at the reception dinner
Another man giving a speech at the reception dinner
Mother of the groom says a few words at dinner
The photo tent, all lit up from the inside
First dance of the bride and groom
The bride dances with her father
Dancing in the dark; the bride and groom slow dance at the reception
Little girls with wings kick off their shoes and dance
A couple slow dancing
A lady leaning down to dance with a child
Guests packed the small dancefloor
Guests dancing on the dancefloor at the reception
Guests dancing on the dancefloor at the reception
The groom gets funky while dancing
Groom dancing on the dancefloor at the reception
Bride dancing on the dancefloor at the reception
Guests dancing on the dancefloor at the reception
Guests dancing on the dancefloor at the reception
Mariposa flying; girl being tossed in the air
Band playing music at the reception
Latin group creating the tunes for the wedding
Bride and groom cut the cake
A warm embrace after cutting the cake
Phoenix & David pose for a long exposure while the faeries create light streaks