Elizabeth & Tai

Mission San Luis — Tallahassee, FL

Standing in the doorway to the church at Mission San Luis

Elizabeth and Tai chose to embark on their journey as husband and wife at the beautiful Tallahassee treasure, Mission San Luis. Not long before the wedding, we got a chance to take some engagement photos at the ever-popular and beautiful Dorothy B. Oven Park.

Or you can skip ahead to the Wedding.

Holding hands, staring each other in the eyes
Dancing in the golden light of the evening sun
Bride-to-be posing for a photo
Looking out of frame to her fianceé
Groom-to-be does a bit of a Superman pose
Portrait of the soon-to-be groom
Girl sticks out her tongue at her future husband
Eyes closed, enjoying a moment among the greenery
Holding hands, looking cute
Bride holds her fiancé from behind
Pretending to choke her husband-to-be
Black and white shot of the engagement ring


Family and friends came from all around the country to take part in this joyous day. Though the Mission is plenty big, you could feel the closeness of everyone at the wedding: it was a beautiful thing. Upon delivering the wedding photos, Elizabeth said, “I’m really glad we hired you to be our photographer.” The pleasure was all mine!

Groom looks out a window as he puts on his tie
Lacing up some Chucks, classy meets casual
Portrait of a bride’s bouquet
Son of the groom as the ring bearer
Bridal portrait with natural light
Portrait of the bride inside the Mission
Bride»s mother put the veil over her daughter
Daughter and mother share a moment before the ceremony
Mother and daughter pose for a picture
Cousins hugging
Warm light brightens the bride’s face as she prepares for the wedding
Elizabeth is all ready, bouquet in hand
Bride’s father walking in to see his daughter in her wedding dress

Dad walked in and instantly broke into tears.

Dad and daughter embrace in a hug
Tai hangs out with his groomsmen before the ceremony begins
Groom walks his mom down the aisle to her seat
Bride and her father wait at the back of the ceremony, ready to walk down the aisle
Friends and family in their seats, witnessing the ceremony
Elizabeth & Tai holding hands during the ceremony
Ring bearer smiles for the camera
Parents of the bride watch their little girl get married
Bridesmaids in the background watching their friend be wed
Putting the ring on the groom
Sharing their first kiss as husband and wife
Big exit out of the ceremony into the open air
The groom wipes the sweat from his brow after the ceremony ends
Bride reaching out her arms for her son-in-law
Elizabeth, the bride, gives her son-in-law a big hug after the wedding
Bride greets her guests before the formal photos start
Groom stands with friends and family
Bride and groom walking to the spot to take formal photos
Big group photo of nearly all the guests
Bride talks to a guest after the ceremony
Group pic of the whole wedding party out near the wood archway leading out the Mission’s grounds
Groom poses with the bridesmaids
Groom gives his son a big hug
A family complete… but not totally serious
Taking a breezy ride on a golf cart over to the church
Inside the church on the grounds of Mission San Luis
A huge smile from the bride after she enters the reception hall
First dance between the bride and groom at the reception
Father daughter dance
Close up of the wedding cake with big letters of the couple’s initials
Bride and groom cut a slice of the cake
Bride wipes cake off her husband’s cheek
Guests dancing on the dancefloor
Guests dancing on the dancefloor
Guests dancing on the dancefloor
Guests dancing on the dancefloor
Portrait of the bride and groom inside the hallway at Mission San Luis