Jessica & Kam

Moonspinner — Panama City Beach, FL

Standing on the Moonspinner boardwalk at night, recently wed, forever husband and wife

I may be partial since I’m a north Florida resident but the beaches along the Gulf Coast are just gorgeous. Jessica & Kam’s wedding was held on the beach at Moonspinner in Panama City Beach, FL and the late spring weather in June was perfect for the day.

The groom and groomsmen getting some good air on a big jump before the ceremony
The guys walk down the beach before the ceremony begins
Standing by the shore, contemplating the day
The groom’s father talks to him before the wedding
Bride gets her dress on with some help
Mom fastens the wedding dress on her daughter
Bride waits as her dress is fastened
The bride stands on the balcony at Moonspinner, looking over the Gulf of Mexico before her wedding
Bride and her mom
Bride and her dad
A kiss on the cheek
Bride with sister
Bride with bridesmaid one
Bride with bridesmaid two
Bride with bridesmaid three
Bride and bridesmaids look out over the beautiful blue-green waters of the Gulf in PCB
Elegant photo of the bride standing in the open space of the sliding glass door
Portrait of the bride on a Saturday afternoon
Close up of the boutineer
Detail shot of the bridesmaids’ bouquet
Kam, the groom, ready for action
The groom walks his mother down the boardwalk to be seated at the ceremony
The bride walks down the steps of the boardwalk at Moonspinner, heading to the wedding ceremony

Forever a changed family, the parents of the bride are about to gain a son.

The groom faces away until his bride is about to walk down the aisle
The bride is escorted by her parents to the ceremony
The preacher at the ceremony, speaking about the bride and groom

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Perfect day for a wedding
Getting married on a beautiful Florida beach
Bride puts the ring on her man
The groom standing in the golden light of a late Florida afternoon, about to be married
A shared glance at the ceremony

The moment that lasts a lifetime: about to be pronounced husband and wife.

Holding hands, waiting for the moment
You may now kiss the bride
A big kiss, now husband and wife
Hand in hand, the bride and groom exit down the aisle after being married
Kicking up sand in flip flops on the beach after the wedding ceremony
Arm in arm, the wedding party walking off after the ceremony
Wide angle shot of the wedding party as the bride and groom kiss in the middle
Big smiles with the groom and his parents
Standing on the sand as the waves roll in the background
Kissing on the beach at sunset
Walking down Panama City Beach at sunset in golden light

Portrait of a cake, as the remains of the sunset make for a moody backdrop
Bride and groom laugh as the sister of the bride gives a speech
Cake cutting time!
Jessica and Kam’s first dance
The newlyweds gazing into each other’s eyes on their first dance as husband and wife
The bride and her father share a warm hug after the father daughter dance
The groom and his mother put some moves down on the dance floor
The wedding party dancing and having a good time